1st annual Walk, Skip, Run For Romania

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Education – the act or process of imparting or acquiring general knowledge, developing the powers of reason and judgment, and generally of preparing oneself or others intellectually for mature life.

Education creates opportunities and shapes the way we think and see the world around us. In America, we have the opportunity to attend a public school system where every child receives a free education without prejudice. We often take education and the knowledge we receive for granted. In this day and age, knowledge and information travel faster than ever, and it seems like everyone has access to it if they desire it. Outside of America, access to education and knowledge do not come as easy, or at all for some.


For instance, in Romania particular groups (Gypsies) are not granted the same equal opportunity to receive an education because of years of prejudice. This has changed because of a dedicated family who began Hope for Romania, and for the past nineteen years has been hard at work to see that this particular group (Gypsies) is granted the same opportunities as others in Romania.


Hope for Romania has taken the responsibility to bring essential needs, like education and housing, to the Gypsies of Romania. They have built homes for an entire village, provided clothing and food, and created small schools. However, their schools need help. The school’s transportation vehicles are in desperate need of repair.


How can you help? On Saturday, November 16 we will be hosting a 5k Walk/Skip/Run for Romania at Jay Blanchard Park. This is an opportunity to raise support for the Gypsies of Romania. All participants will receive an event t-shirt plus other items.  Come join us for a fun event full of prizes and contests. Winners will receive wonderful prizes provided by our event sponsors! If you want to contribute but are not a runner, you may sponsor a runner or simply donate at our website. Don’t miss your chance at a prize.



For more information on the mission please visit www.hopeforromania.com



Please join us in this RUN for Romania and get your T-shirt!

For more information on the 5K Walk, Skip, Run for Romania please email us